Goemon5: The Music

Album: Way to Go

Every song has a story ...

As I continue to experiment with words and sound I tend to forget how some of my songs got started. If you want to follow the creative process, and find out more about my songs, or you just want to sing along, or read those incredibly awesome lyrics, this is the place to be.

I will tell you a few words to every song, and then present the lyrics, together with a video or a link to the recording, if available.

  • #KLMsucks

    Medium-speed, sorta jazzy ukulele tune about the horrible check-in service at KLM.

  • Alberta Pacific Elevator

    Almost a country song (or so I've been told), but definitely a song about one of the oldest grain elevators in Canada.

  • Break down the Tents

    Not just another break-up song. A soft melody for a better future.

  • Brown and Blue

    Fabulous banjo song, and yes, a break-up.

  • Cruel Train

    Part I of the Mining Trilogy. Upbeat Mandolin Ballad.

  • Free Bird

    Slide-guitar blues and break-up song, with a clever mash-up of famous 70s song lyrics.

  • Friends

    A disgustingly optimistic song about friendship. Sounds like Folky Pop.

  • Hello Sunshine

    Upbeat ukulele love song. With summer, and love, and happy time.

  • Listen to Me

    Rather melancholic Folk song about the love between father and daughter.

  • Maiden of the Isle

    A beautiful Celtic song that sounds like a traditional, but it is not.

  • lyrics-Make da Music

    A Raggae song in the tradition of Jack Johnson.

  • Memories on the Wall

    Slow and depressing break-up song. Real Folk Music!

  • Morning After

    Upbeat folky ukulele song about the beauties of live music.

  • Rain Dancing

  • Very positive and somewhat romantic rain song.

  • Scars

  • My first murder ballad. Also somewhat of a woman's right song.

  • Schoolyard Love

    Boy meets girl. Boy too shy to talk to her; writes finger-picked love song instead.

  • Shannon

  • It's a breakup song for sure. I'm quite proud of the intro.

  • Still Born

  • A very sad folk song about a still-born calf.

  • Strike for your Life

  • Part II of the Mining Trilogy. Upbeat guitar song for the empowerment of our labour forces.

  • Tears Falling

  • An eclectic song about social injustice.

  • The Fair

  • It's a waltz, and, can you believe it?! a happy song!

  • Total Collapse

    Long ballad about the poor folks imprisoned by Nazi Germany.

  • Winter's Cold at Sunset Bay

    My first acapella song, about relationship and loyalty

  • York Railroad Station

  • Upbeat ukulele song about railway travels and a bit of love.

  • Your Love

  • Funky love song for the autoharp.

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