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Album: The Fire Within

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I am Goemon5, German troubadour with Canadian flair. This website is the hub of my online presence. Even though I have outsourced much of my music, images and videos, this remains the site where all the information comes together.

I play music, and endulge in photography, but the focus has always been on the music. You can book me for either. I can shoot lovely memories at your private event, or create memories with exciting acoustic music.

How to record a Music Release

David Andrew Wiebe In collaboration with marketing guru David Andrew Wiebe I wrote a book about the recording and marketing of music. The project started with a blog about my first album release, but quickly grew into a much bigger project. Now we proudly present a handy guide to Recording, and Promoting original music, be it digitally or on CD. If you want to record an album, this is wht you want to read.

Music Recordings on DAWcast.com


Early in 2017 I accepted a contract as cruise photographer with ABC Cruises. It did not work out, because the company betrayed me and abused my capabilities. But it wasn't all bad, so now I am working on a series of blogs to show off my awesome cruise photos, and to create some positivity from an overall negative experience. You know, making a selfish world a better place.

You can find the blog and associated photos over in the Blog section.

Music for the people

Goemon5 is mostly about the music, and there is plenty of it over in the Media section. Enjoy!

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