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Around the end of 2015 I started to take my photography more serious. I would love to develop my art further, be it with photo or video, preferably both. I also have some experience as journalist and blogger, so an occupation as photo journalist sounds quite interesting as well.

Many of my photos are genuinely born from arising occasions, so they are actually just pretty pictures. Still, mostly when I shoot I try to capture a particular emotion. Maybe that's why I love rollerderby so much - the emotion is already there, in the face of the player. Still, it is fun to toy with that emotion, and put it into context using the derby environment.

If you are toying with the idea to inrease your chops in photography, you might find this handy guide very appealing. It's German, but written by a very knowledgable friend: DigitalkameraTrends

When I had just bought my first DSLR camera Tash dragged me into the sport of her chosing: rollerderby. Within a month I became a photographer for the Calgary Roller Derby Association.

Finals: PG Northstars Vs. Deadlies May Meltdown Rookies Roller Derby Bellas v Mindfox

Being a musician, I have a lot of performing friends. Sometimes I have the opportunity to capture them in my images.

Capturing the spirit of the show is one aspect, and a tricky one at that. But I much prefer playing with the perspective, and intentionally framing the main subject of the photo in an environment that differs from, or even contrasts with the emotion portrayed by the subject.

Ben Comeau on the bass Natasha Sayer photo sHoot Folk Fest - Sarah Jane Scouten

I also design graphics and record video. For example the DVD sleeve that I designed for Calgary Opera, or the music videos I made for Natasha Sayer.

Acadia School Opera