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Around the end of 2015 I started to take my photography more serious. I would love to develop my art further, be it with photo or video, preferably both. I also have some experience as journalist and blogger, so an occupation as photo journalist sound quite interesting as well.

When I had just bought my first DSLR camera Tash dragged me into the sport of her chosing: rollerderby. Within a month I became a photographer for the Calgary Roller Derby Association.

Finals: PG Northstars Vs. Deadlies May Meltdown Rookies Roller Derby Bellas v Mindfox

Being a musician, I have a lot of performing friends. Sometimes I have the opportunity to capture them in my images.

Ben Comeau on the bass Natasha Sayer photo sHoot Folk Fest - Sarah Jane Scouten

I also design graphics and record video. For example the DVD sleeve that I designed for Calgary Opera, or the music videos I made for Natasha Sayer.

Acadia School Opera