Goemon5: Videography & Graphic Design

Goemon5 in Norway

Music Videos & Graphics Work
Goemon5 CD cover

I do like to create art with my own hands. Among other things I played graphic designer for the layout of my debut album, including the design of the CD sleeve. I have not had time yet to make my own professional music videos, even though I have been commissioned before to make videos for others.

Natasha Sayer: "Through"

This was the first "professional" music video that I was commissioned to produce. Natasha Sayer wanted to use the imagery of rollerderby to visualise human struggle and her musical solution for it.

Calgary Opera: "A case of goo"
Acadia School and Calgary Opera

The Calgary Opera co-sponsored this opera projects for kids. The children of the Acadia Primary School wrote their own opera, and performed it live. From the video material of the various shows I cut two full-length DVDs. And I designed the cover art of the DVD sleeve from the original art that the kids provided.

Natasha Sayer: "Dogs of many breeds"
This video is another collaboration with Natasha Sayer. It is supposed to be a bit educational and get kids excited about music and visual art.

"Total Collapse"

My very first attempt at making a music video was this one. I wrote this song about the Nazi prison camps and their many victims. The pictures are from the camp in Oranienburg, Berlin.