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Album: Way to Go

Goemon5 was a proud finalist of the 2015 songwriting competition of the Calgary Folk Music Festival, and has since developed his craft as a songwriter, and expanded his arsenal of noise makers. Apart from the traditional songwriter choice, the guitar, he also plays the banjo and ukulele, and experiments with various other stringed instruments.

"Unique and quite wonderful." - Theo Nelson, radio host at CJSW

The story so far

Born and raised in the declining Soviet Union, educated and politically nourished in the European Union, Goemon soon had his lifetime fill in Union experience. In his consequential quest for everlasting loneliness he took on a Japanese pseudonym and grew himself an outrageous and outright obsolete Irish moustache.

"The voice of an angel, a German angel." - Brendon Aberdeen, musician.

Album: Way to Go
Style & Format

Folk, Rock, Poetry; from the ballad of life's true tragedy to the jolly jingle of a festive summer night - Goemon blends all melody and sound into one beautiful moment. His guitar play smells like chamomile tea, his voice tastes like honey, and even though he drops the odd beat or two, he makes you want to hold on to that sound, because Goemon's vocal magic transforms even your most depressing experience into a multicoloured autumn breeze.

"Like a modern-day troubadour." - Hello Moth, musician.

Sounds like?

His Canadian mountain friends describe him as an East Coast Folky, for East Coasters he sounds more Irish/English. Goemon5 has been compared to story-telling legends such as Richard Thompson or Jack Johnson, and East-coast songwriters like David Francey or Alan Doyle. But if asked to play an upbeat Irish Trditional tune, he won't say nay either.

"[...] a progressive folksy tune, with a jazzy inspiration; and that accent plays right into it." - Martin Aak, grass-roots engineer.

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