Goemon5: The Music

Album: Way to Go



Folk, Rock and Poetry; Goemon5 unites what should never have been left alone. From the tragedy of ethic's death to the jolly jingles of a festive summer night, Goemon throws it all into the beasty blender and sings his heart out until the world accepts the eternal truth: joy is in the moment.

His friends describe him as an East Coast Folky, for East Coasters he sounds more Irish/English. Only the true Celtic Inclined know that this is all utter crap, and Goemon is just having fun messing with traditional tunes and spontaneous poetry sing-outs.

Doubtlessly you are now yearning to hear what it sounds like when Goemon5 takes the stage. Fear not, I have recorded a few links that will assist your musical curiosity.
Firstly, I have profiles on Soundcloud and ReverbNation that I update once in a blue moon, and you can find some nice recordings there.

In the navigation bar you also find links to the lyrics of my songs, as well as a little audition page. Both pages are complemented by videos of my performance that are stored on Vimeo and YouTube.

Now, go ahead and click and enjoy. Please.
If you have any questions, concerns, or wish to offer me a gig, or invite me for some collaborative endeavour in arts, please e-mail me under info[at]Goemon5.com