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Goemon likes to do music - listening and playing alike. His musical roots are Irish, which is a weird thing to say for a Central European.

Born and raised in the declining Soviet Union, educated and politically nourished in the European Union, Goemon soon had his lifetime fill in Union experience. In his consequential quest for everlasting loneliness he took on a Japanese pseudonym and grew himself an outrageous and outright obsolete Irish mustache. Equipped with the most distracting voice since Jericho, the twelve strings of salvation and a black hole in his tummy, he set sail to conquer Canada, and become the first Reichskanzler of Newfoundland. Alas, due to momentary academic distractions Goemon is now stuck in Calgary, where he sings for justice, cookies and that warm inner feeling that only a genuine Guinness can overcome. But no matter how many instruments end up stuck in his basement, his most powerful argument will always remain his voice. So say his sleepless house mates, and they ought to know ...



Folk, Rock and Poetry; Goemon5 unites what should have been left alone. From the tragedy of ethic's death to the jolly jingles of a festive summer night, Goemon throws it all into the beasty blender and sings his heart out until the world accepts the eternal truth: joy is in the moment.

His friends describe him as an East Coast Folky, for East Coasters he sounds more Irish/English. Only the true Celtic Inclined know that this is all utter crap, and Goemon is just having fun messing with traditional tunes and spontaneous poetry sing-outs.

Doubtlessly you are now yearning to hear what it sounds like when Goemon5 takes the stage. Fear not, I have recorded a few links that will assist your musical curiosity.
Firstly, I have profiles on Soundcloud and ReverbNation that I update once under a blue moon, and you can find some nice recordings there.

In the navigation bar to the left you also find links to the lyrics of my songs, as well as a little audition page. Both pages are complemented by videos of my performance that are stored on Vimeo and YouTube.

Now, go ahead and click and enjoy. Please.
If you have any questions, concerns, or wish to offer me a gig, or invite me for some collaborative endeavour in arts, please e-mail me under info[at]Goemon5.com


Pledgmusic pre-orders My debut album The Fire Within is now ready to be embraced by the music-loving world. Click on the little poster to the left to procure your seat at the CD release concert, which will be an amazing one-of-a-kind event.

I also wrote a series of blogs about the recording process, which may not only give you some insight into my thought process, but also be of help for your own arts career. I have been told the blogs are very well written, and quite helpful for upstarting artists. Well, I've been writing and teaching most of my life, so you can expect this series of album tales to be decent infotainment.

Recording an Album, Part 1:Why All the Hassle?!

Recording an Album, Part 2:How Demo Recordings can Massively Improve Your Songs

Recording an Album, Part 3:Which Songs do I Want?

Recording an Album, Part 4:Hitting the Studio

Recording an Album, Part 5:Session Musicians

Recording an Album, Part 6:Visual Art and Album Design

Recording an Album, Part 7:Mixing and Mastering

Recording an Album, Part 8:How to Determine the Track Sequence or Playlist of An Album

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