Goemon5: The Music

Album: Way to Go

Selected Video

While most of my videos are parked over in the Media section, I did not want to pass up the opportunity to present at least three of my own favourites.


CD Release Concert

I released my first solo album in 2016, and was blessed to share the stage with an illustrous group of professional musicians. None of my songs ever sounds quite the same, but this particular one really changed whn we put it on stage.


Homebrew Music

When I am halfway happy with one of my song creations I record a crude video, and upload it to my YouTube channel. "There is always tomorrow" is the first song that I wrote after that Orang Utan took US-presidency. I wrote it for my Canadian and Mexican friends, reminding them and myself that one overcast presidency does not end the world.


Cover Songs

Every musician, no matter how original, plays the odd cover song once in a while. I always try to give them my own spin of creativity. One cover that turned out really well is Kaley Kinjos "Island".


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