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Unfortunately being awesome does not pay bills. In addition to hiring myself out as a musician, photographer, food eradicator, and generally great person to have around, I am also working on beautiful items that you can put onto your mantelpiece.

The Fire Within

Album: The Fire Within I am super-proud to present my first studio album "The Fire Within", recorded at The Station, by the amazing Craig Newnes. This album was a grand production, with fifteen songs, and as many musicians pitching in to make it a marvelous audio experience.


Goemon5 studio album: The Fire Within I love T-shirts. I have literally hundreds of them, in many shapes and colours. Obviously I had a few different models made for my album release.


Way to Go

Album: Way to Go Episodically I record demo versions of my songs. The results of these efforts culminate in a Demo CD "Way to Go" which I will reluctantly hand to you in person, if ever we are to meet.


(Geo)logisch betrachtet

(Geo)logisch betrachtet

In 2009 I published a book. People say it's immensely funny and entertaining, and to everyones enjoyment it is also very German.




Songwriter Circle

Workshop CD As every artist I frequently collaborate with various wonderful musicians that I meet along the way. The "Calgary Songwriter Circle" was one of the more ambiguous projects we tackled, and culminated in a very special release.

Please e-mail me for all sales inquiries. I'm fairly responsive.