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Unfortunately being awesome does not pay bills. In addition to hiring myself out as a musician, photographer, food eradicator, and generally great person to have around, I am also working on beautiful items that you can put onto your mantelpiece.

The Fire Within

Album: The Fire Within I am super-proud to present my first studio album "The Fire Within", recorded at The Station, by the amazing Craig Newnes. This album was a grand production, with fifteen songs, and as many musicians pitching in to make it a marvelous audio experience.


Goemon5 studio album: The Fire Within I love T-shirts. I have literally hundreds of them, in many shapes and colours. Obviously I had a few different models made for my album release.


Way to Go

Album: Way to Go Episodically I record demo versions of my songs. The results of these efforts culminate in a Demo CD "Way to Go" which I will reluctantly hand to you in person, if ever we are to meet.


(Geo)logisch betrachtet

(Geo)logisch betrachtet

In 2009 I published a book. People say it's immensely funny and entertaining, and to everyones enjoyment it is also very German.




How to record a Music Release

David Andrew Wiebe In collaboration with marketing guru David Andrew Wiebe I wrote a book about the recording and marketing of music. The project started with a blog about my first album release, but quickly grew into a much bigger project. Now we proudly present a handy guide to Recording, and Promoting original music, be it digitally or on CD. If you want to record an album, this is wht you want to read.

Music Recordings on DAWcast.com

Songwriter Circle

Workshop CD As every artist I frequently collaborate with various wonderful musicians that I meet along the way. The "Calgary Songwriter Circle" was one of the more ambiguous projects we tackled, and culminated in a very special release.

Please e-mail me for all sales inquiries. I'm fairly responsive.