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Merchandise, i.e. cool things to have at home


Unfortunately being awesome does not pay bills. In addition to hiring myself out as a musician, food eradicator, and generally great person to have around, I am also working on beautiful items that you can put onto your mantelpiece.

Album: The Fire Within I am super-proud to present my first studio album "The Fire Within", recorded at The Station, by the amazing Craig Newnes. Release date will be some time 2015, but feel free to preorder, because I have some dop exclusives that may not last that long.

"The Fire Within", Studio Album


Album: Way to Go So far my merchandise section does not accumulate too much, but it's good to have one. Just in case. Right now I am working on my first official solo CD, and in the meantime I am demo-recording myself at home. The results of these efforts have culminated in a demo CD, Way to Go, which I will reluctantly hand you in person, if we are to meet.

"Way to Go", Demo CD


(Geo)logisch betrachtet Then, of course, there is my book, which I published in 2009. People say it's immensely funny and entertaining, but unfortunately for you it is also very German.

"Geologisch betrachtet", German satire


Workshop CD Finally, I am collaborating with various wonderful artists that I meet along the way, and most recently we recorded ourselves doing music together. A multi-media CD will be released from those efforts some time soon.

"Calgary Songwriters Circle" Workshop

Buch Satire

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