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Debut Album: The Fire Within

Goemon5 studio album: The Fire Within Here it is: my first studio album. In spring 2015 I started recording this concept album with producer Craig Newnes at The Station in Calgary. The project has grown immensely, and the resulting album sounds beautiful.

The album is settled around life and love, and contains fifteen of my best songs. Luckily for you itís not just me providing voice and odd instrumentation; I am lucky enough to have a multitude of my amazing musician friends contracted for this album. I love every single instrument and vocal contribution that my session players have offered.

Among others we were able to win the overtalented Corry Ulan (Magnolia Bucksin), Joanna Drummond (writer of the first original Motherís Day album), Mike Little (CCMA keyboard player of the year 2015), Emma Rouleau, Shannon Magee (Georgia Sound), and Jonathan Ferguson (Long Jon Lev) for this project.

"The Fire Within" is available as digital download on CDbaby, iTunes, Amazon, and a dozen other electronic retailers. Just search for Goemon5, and you will find it.

If you prefer music that you can touch, with elaborate artwork and writing and all, you would certainly enjoy a physical copy of my album, which I sell right here, for the lush price of $15 CAD (plus $2 shipping within Canada or Europe). Additional copies ship for free. For shipping costs outside of Canada, and for any kind of orders, please inquire via e-mail

Download Stickers

Goemon5 download stickers If you have friends that like stickers and digital music, this will be the right gift for them. $8 CAD gets you a download sticker that you can apply to just about any surface. The peeled-back paper part contains a download code that grants you access to the whole album.


Goemon5 stickers The Goemon5 dragon logo is so beautiful that I printed it on various things. The most obvious items are stickers. If you would like one, order anything from my little cotton shop, and I will include a sticker for free.


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