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Goemon5 studio album: The Fire Within I love T-shirts. Apart from being a great piece of clothing they can easily be employed to present ones interests and mood. So, obviously I had to make some of my own.
My tees are of great quality, and comfortable to wear, and come in four different flavours: unisex black, unisex natural (kinda cream colour), ladies black, and ladies grey.

The unisex T-shirts are 100% organic cotton (Anvil brand). They come in either white-on-black, or black-on-gray. I have gotten bored of white tees, so I ordered a colour that is just off-white enough to carry the contrast without making every dirt spec visible. At the moment I have no cream-coloured medium tees left. For some reason or other those are white.

Ladies T-Shirts
Goemon5 studio album: The Fire WithinThe form-fitting ladies tees are also spun from organic cotton (ATC Eurospun brand), but contain a soft and sportif cotton-polyester mix. The Ladies black is a very dark ash-grey, the light colour is called "Athletic Grey", a very light grey indeed.

T-shirts cost $20 CAD each.

Please e-mail me for all sales inquiries. I'm fairly responsive.