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Way to Go, Demo CD

Goemon5's first album: Way to Go After four years of rewriting, jamming, and experimenting I had so many demo recordings that I put together something of an album. It started in an effort to produce some demos of my songs and style. Then it grew into something that people could enjoy without waiting for my next full-length production.

This CD will remain a "work in progress" until the day I decide to no longer produce them. I will probably continue to record and mix demos, because it is part of my creative process. It's just too much fun jamming with myself. You can have a listen right here.

If you would like a copy of this compilation of songs, you will have to remind me of it, because I no longer make them as regularly as I used to. If you send me a message via e-mail under info[at]goemon5.com I will try to burn a few copies.


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