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Way to Go, Demo CD

Goemon5's first album: Way to Go Here it is, after four years of rewriting, jamming, and experimentation I put together something of an album. Since the last winter I have been recording myself, in an effort to produce some demos of my songs and style. This CD is constantly changing its shape, because every time I listen to a song I find something that I want to change.

This CD will remain a "work in progress" for at least another year. Even when I record my own CD (and that's coming up one of these days), I will probably continue to record and mix demos. It's just too much fun jamming with myself. You can have a listen right here.

If you would like a copy of this compilation of songs, just talk to me, as I usually carry a few copies with me. Or send me a message via mail under info[at]goemon5.com


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