Goemon5: Mixed Media

Goemon5 via Krystal Luchia

Mixed Media

I have become a photographer of my own right, but this section of webspace is allocated to an even more selfish enterprise. Over the years I have come in contact with technology, and people who know how to use it. Thus, I have assembled a small audio-visual collection that depicts myself.

Music Videos
As you noticed above I dedicated two pages to music videos. The first page contains a selection of any kind of music I have recorded and uploaded to the interwebs. The second page focuses solely on video from my album release concert.

Goemon5 via Krystal Luchia Bloody hell, pictures of oneself accumulate even faster when one is photographing others. Past this link are a bunch of photos depicting me, shot by a good many different people.

Music Sampler
I know, there is already a full music section on this website. Sue me, will ya?! I'm a musician, so I can embed as many music players as I want!