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Goemon5 via Krystal Luchia

Fast as I can (Alan Doyle cover)

Here is an Alan Doyle cover, because I don't get the chance to finger-pick nearly often enough.

Time to vote
In 2015 I went door-knocking with a few friends of mine. Not for fun, but to encourage voting in the upcoming federal election. Next day I wrote this song.

Never love again
At some point I bought a box of electronics to amp up my sound. One of my purchases was a loop pedal, so I incorporated it into one of my more heart-felt songs.

York Railroad Station
I wrote this song on ukulele because that is all I had with me when I was stuck in a train station in York, England.

Seven is the number (Dave Carter cover)
Another cover song? Why not?! Dave Carter is one of my favourite songwriters. "Seven is the number" is actually the first song I learned bar chords for.