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Calgary Songwriters Workshop Project
songwriter workshop

In 2014 JF initiated a workshop and retreat series for songwriters. Our first adventure led us to the Moose Mountain Ranch near Bragg Creek, Alberta. On the second day we each recorded one song, the gear and sound experience being sponsored by sound engineer Daniel John Wiewel. Alyssa Hanke and Fanny Coté recorded video, and produced awesome photographs, which you can find online, and a few selected ones on this website.

The project started a bit over-ambitious, but that's how art goes, I guess. We actually wanted to produce a flashy multi-media CD, featuring six songs and accompanying video. As time and work progressed, however, people started other projects, and the "Songwriter Circle CD" never saw the light of day. The good news is, JF still compiled the songs online, so you can listen to all our talent.

Participating songwriters:
Tomy Thisdale
Ari Lantela
Carla Olive
Jonathan Fergusson
David Andrew Wiebe

Album: Way to Go

Album: Way to Go

I took a few photos myself, and you can view them in the associated photo album on Google+.