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Social & Media

Well, everyone else is doing it, so I feel obliged to surf the media wave as well.

For any formal inquiries, be it on merchandise, make music, take photographs, or record a video with you, please send an e-mail to the following address, and Goemon5 will call you back as soon as time allows.

E-mail: info[at]goemon5.com

Let's see, there is the Twitter, obviously. Facebook is blessed by me in person, and with a Fanpage. So, you get your double dosage there, and get updates regarding my music, as well as photography.

Video and Audio

Google has me hooked through an account with Google+, even though I find the page way too unwieldy for any kind of socialising.

Of course, I have a video channel on YouTube, with vlogs, and music videos, and other fun stuff that can only be expressed with true audiovidual media.

If you are into music, you will also have fun with my stuff on Soundcloud and ReverbNation.


I do have a newsletter, and I sometimes get around writing it. If you'd like to receive real actual updates about my life and art, you are most welcome to enlist in this marvelous service.

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Now, I would love to have a Tumblr, but my preferred account name is taken. By a dick who has never even used his account!

You can find me on Instagram, and similar pages, but I can't actually link them up here, so you will just have to search for "Goemon5", and click on the face with the beautiful moustache.

MySpace is pretty much dead since I joined that site. Go figure, eh?

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