Goemon5: The Celtic Ninja

Album: The Fire Within

Life and History of a Music Ninja

You want to know more. They always do. Fine, here are some data regarding the life and history of Goemon5.

Goemon5 via Fanny Cote
The past in short terms

Born and raised in the declining Soviet Union, educated and politically nourished in the European Union, Goemon soon had his lifetime fill in Union experience. In his consequential quest for everlasting loneliness he took on a Japanese pseudonym and grew himself an outrageous and outright obsolete Irish moustache.

Where the music started

Equipped with the most distracting voice since Jericho, the twelve strings of salvation and a black hole in his tummy, Goemon set sail to conquer Canada, and become the first Reichskanzler of Newfoundland. Alas, due to momentary academic distractions he got stuck in Calgary, where he sang for justice, cookies and that warm inner feeling that only a genuine Guinness can overcome. Somewhere along the path he discovered that making music is even more awesome than listening to it, and so he started assembling musical instruments, and, so time allows, even plays on them.

But no matter how many instruments end up stuck in Goemon’s basement, his most powerful argument will always remain his voice. So say his sleepless house mates, and they ought to know ...

Goemon5 via Alyssa Hanke
Sounds like

Although his musical baseline is Celtic (Irish Traditionals were his first love), Goemon creates an elegant mix of experimental storytelling, upbeat heartbreakers, and traditional Folk music. Of course, Goemon, as most people, is most amazed by his own music. However, if pressed upon the issue, he would name Dave Carter, Annabelle Chvostek, Kate Rusby, David Francey, Stan Rogers, and Amy Thiessen as his major songwriting influences. And then there are groups like The High Kings, Great Big Sea, and Fiddler’s Green. So much influence, so little time.

Goemon5 via Robby
The things we do

Now, music is an incredibly amazing thing to waste once’ time with. But life has so much more to offer, so Goemon decided to catch up on his mediocre education (Music was unarguably one of the least rewarding subjects in any school that he visited), and write poetry, and songs, and word-twisting blogs, engage in semi-political activities, and be immensely creative with all sorts of elements that happen to cross his path.

About the name

The legend of Japanese ninja Goemon Ishikawa correlates with that of the benevolent British Robin Hood. Goemon jumped through medieval Japan, fighting for the rights of the poor and the blood-caste, and enlightened the rich. That Konami adapted this wonderful person for a series of Action-Adventures only stands to reason. But although Ganbare Goemon Go is one of the best N64 games ever made, but it is rather the original Goemon Ishikawa who sparked the name of this website.