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Somewhere in my early years I learned the art of stringing letters into coherent sentences. Apart from awarding me witha science degree my writing capabilities also gained me an education as journalist. However, not all words or stories are fit for the press, so I started this blog.

All of the new blog entries are hooked up on Wordpress, so you can just click over there, and discover the world through my words. As a personal favour I also link up every individual blog entry down in the links, making it easier for you to read cohesive narrative.

Cruise Photography
I took a contract as cruise photographer with ABC Cruises. The job turned out to be pretty shitty, and the company promised me four times the salary that I received, so I quit. Still, the adventure makes for some pretty uplifting and exciting stories.

Lisbon, Photographic Embarkation

Vigo, first port day

Sea Day, Safety, and Gala Night


Le Havre

Sea, Security, and Sale Day

Hamburg, Main Embarkation

Zeebrugge - internet access on cruise ships

Global Terror in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Sea Day & Formal Night

Hamburg, first embarkation shooting

More Sea Day Safety

Invergordon, beautiful Scotland


Crew Food on Cruises: a bitter bill

Greenock (1), and the duality of cruise jobs

Greenock (2) – The mental challenges of the Photo Booth Set-Up

The Dublin Drill

Irish Cobh, and facial hair

Cruise Musicians – what a bore

Community wins

Rules are enforced, or obsolete

Handling stress in coworkers

Breaking the cruise rules

Alesund, and the power of friends

The job of a Cruise Photographer

North Cape Photo Excursion

Tromso, and the greed behind cruise photography

The native language bias

Molde Fjord – almost a day off

Geiranger, a change in perspective

Salary of cruise crew

Photo Management and Schadenfreude

Test papers, and the end of life

Job Motivation II: Entertainment in the peril of others

Invergordon, and the Swimming Mall

Manager Party – photo minds don’t think alike

Akureyri: old friends and new tricks

Isafjordur: A rough side of cruise

Reykjavik – Big Rocks and Little Service

Reykjavik for ever

Reykjavik and the Perpetual Photography

Salesmanship, when capitalism invades the heart

Pledgmusic pre-orders

If you would like to know more about the processes behind planning and recording a studio album, you should check out the series of blogs that I wrote for the Music Entrepeneur

Recording an Album, Part 1:Why All the Hassle?!

Recording an Album, Part 2:How Demo Recordings can Massively Improve Your Songs

Recording an Album, Part 3:Which Songs do I Want?

Recording an Album, Part 4:Hitting the Studio

Recording an Album, Part 5:Session Musicians

Recording an Album, Part 6:Visual Art and Album Design

Recording an Album, Part 7:Mixing and Mastering

Recording an Album, Part 8:How to Determine the Track Sequence or Playlist of An Album

Recording an Album, Part 9:The Release Concert & Calgary’s Broken Community


Being a social animal I do have stories to tell. Here they are. Goemon5 upclose and personal.

2016 Retrospective – Why death is not the end

Moving Hassle III – The Aftermath

Moving Hassle II – Move-Out Day

Moving Hassle I – Five years of Cavan

Buzz Buzz – What’s new in Germany?!

Moving "Home" – Farewell Calgary

The rise of TheDonald made politics a very sad and disturbing subject, but politics have always been a topic of interest to me. No matter on what side of any curtain you stand there are usually ideas that we all can agree upon and/or laugh about. Those I try to capture.

Sultan Erdogan against the European Terror Grandpas

Football, stadion violence, and DFB escalation tactics

TheDonald – Why hating the USA is helping them