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Goemon5 in Norway

Networking with my Musical Friends

Having friends is a great thing, especially if they inspire and support you. Here are some of the peeps that I have jammed or collaborated with.

Brendon Aberdeen
plays a groovy, funky Folk style. His guitarplay and his positive mood make people happy, and that is generally the attitude that I want to bring to the world as well. My finger picking is far from what Brendon shows, but my presence makes people happy, which is really all that counts.

Brendon has also started recording and producing music. For example, the Chicken-Like Bird album On the dusty trail was produced in his studio.

Jonathan Ferguson is a true Folk-Rocker. Apart from his unique Rock'n'Roll attitude Jon trumps with a soft, though edgy voice, and enthralling, story-laden songs that will keep you wondering whether he is indeed singing about those issues that his songtexts imply. Jon is easy to listen to, without being simple.

embodies the old Folk in a modern setting. Although most of her songs are inspired by her daughter, Joanna sails easily through a range of emotions and scenarios. To me her most notable feature is her fantastic Folk-Operetta voice that makes you want listen on and on and on.

Long Jon Lev is a most excellent Ukulele Lady. I first met Emma at an open mic, when she blasted everyone's idea of music with two of her own a capella compositions. She now writes jazz and blues for the ukulele, but still throws in the one or other vocal mysterium.
Emma also sings leading vocals to two of the songs on my debut album, The Fire Within. The soulful, yet charming resonance in Emma's powerful voice is the perfect finish to any imperfect day.

is the best lead guitar show-off that I know. He also writes, and sings, and plays funky tunes on random stringed instruments. But most memorable for me remains David's incredible wizardry with the guitar.

Also check out his blog The Music Entrepeneur, where he gives away dope tips for enrepeneuring musicians.

Jaron Swain
The young and talented luthier Jaron Swain has made some incredible progress since I first spotted him at a garage sale in my neighbourhood.

I was immediately captivated by the beauty of that acoustic guitar that he had freshly built. The neck of my Swain guitar is somewhat curved, and does not line up all that well with its body, but considering that this is his second trial, and he had no training as a luthier, the result is simply stunning. In fact, the sound is so pretty that I recorded it as rhythm instrument for my favourite song on my debut album (The Fire Within, track 10). Jaron's instruments are beautiful in look and sound, and the quality of Jaron Swain instruments convinced me to acquire instruments that are unique, instead of seeking out the perfect Martin guitar.

Similarly, my Swain cigar box guitars are less than perfect, yet I doubt that I will ever want to part with any of them. Music is all about a colourful sound, and Swain instruments have plenty of that.