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A History of Gigs
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Here is a list of some of my most memorable gigs. Most pubs feel and sound the same, so I probably won't list many of those.

May 2015: proud finalist of the 2015 songwriting competition of the Calgary Folk Music Festival.

Also: October 2015 Invited performer for the Original Music Showcase at the Blind Beggar.

4th of March 2015: Featured performance at the Hillhurst/Sunnyside Farmer's Market.

18th of March 2015: Featured songwriter at Mickey's Juke Joint, in Carla Olive's songwriter sessions.

Best club in my very home town, the Parkclub Fürstenwalde, Germany
If you're traveling through here, you should definitely make a stop. The quality and bandwidth of their events is incredible.

My fav Tea House - Oolong in Kensington, Calgary
Oolong has a very variable audience, and there are times when costumers don't actually recognize you as a musician until you stop playing, and they notice that something is missing. But the overall feel of the place is just so inspiring, that you have to return ...

December 2012, probably my first real gig: Musical Feature at Expressions - a monthly Spoken Word Event at Cafe Koi, Calgary.
Koi has grand acoustics and almost always a listening crowd.

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