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Allow me to introduce some of my friends and some of the organizations that I can identify myself with. Talking about friends - if you want to become mine, you can join me on your favourite social network.

Let's see, there is the Twitter, obviously. Facebook is blessed by me in person, and with a Fanpage.

Now, I would love to have a Tumblr, but my preferred account name is taken. By a dick who has never even used his account.

MySpace is pretty much dead since I joined that site. Go figure, eh?

Google has me hooked through an account with Google+, as well as a video channel on YouTube.

If you are into music, you will also have fun with my stuff on Soundcloud and ReverbNation.

Goemon5 on Facebook Goemon5 on Google+ Goemon5 on Twitter Goemon5 on YouTube Goemon5 on Myspace

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