Goemon5: The Celtic Ninja
Life and History of a Music Ninja

Alright, let's get this question out of the way; I know it's been bugging you. The legend of Japanese ninja Goemon Ishikawa correlates with that of the benevolent British Robin Hood. Goemon jumped through medieval Japan, fighting for the rights of the poor and the blood-caste, and enlightened the rich. That Konami adapted this wonderful person for a series of Action-Adventures only stands to reason. Ganbare Goemon Go is one of my favourite N64 games, but it is rather the original Goemon Ishikawa who called on my interest.

Education: the usual. A series of public schools, followed by basic military service, followed by university, culminating in a diploma in Paleontology. Now that's cool already, but I thought about cranking it up a bit, and started another university degree. We'll see how that works out.

Work experience: I tried, I really tried my hands on that work & job thing that everybody is talking about. For a good portion of my study time I worked as a research assistant. After my diploma was done I worked in a shop that digitizes film and photo, and afterwards took an internship as a journalist. Both enterprises were fun, but after half a year, it always became slightly boring. Thus, I reached a decision on my future work experience: it would have to be something exciting, with unexpected twists and turns. Like Live Music. Or Academia.

Skills: quite a good handle on computers: I understand the hardware and the software (apart from Mac, that OS is driving me crazy). I can work with most of the commercial programs (Corel, Word, Power Point, Excel, ArcView, DreamWeaver, Photoshop, Surfer, SPSS, TPSdig, MorphoJ, Amira/Avizo, AutoDesk Maya) and loads of freeware.
I have technical experience with ScanningElectronMicroscopes (SEM), IonCoupledPlasma-MassSpectrometer (ICP-MS), levelling instruments, micro-computed tomograph (µ-CT), etc. Oh, and I can bind my own shoe laces!

Music of choice: I am geologist by trade, so it's all about hard-rock. However, a few years ago I started folking out, and really there are only few genres that I dislike. I gre up disliking Hip Hop and Rap, but when confronted with the Canadian way of music, I came to realize that it's really just the German version of these art forms that grind down one's soul. Thus, the only style of music that makes my ears bleed is Techno.

Other hobbies: taking pictures, video games, and geeking around with statistics. I collect fossils, game cartridges, board games, and Jurassic-Park-merchandise. Well, and musical instruments, obviously.

Goemon Ishikawa

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